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Stay Updated With Our Deals For The Month

Summer Special

Summer is HERE!! Let us make your skin silky soothe and glowing. Book an Exfoliating Turmeric Body Scrub with us for only $50. This body scrub helps bring out the skins natural glow, lightens the skin, combats sun damage and signs of aging. 

Spa Week Special

Enjoy a non-invasive procedure that releases microscopic crystals over the face, removing the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and revealing your own glowing, healthier-looking skin underneath.

Along with the detox foot bath focuses on removing the toxic materials from your body, channeling it through the pores in the feet. The pores in your feet are the largest pores within your body. When you place your feet into the water, the ionator module begins to send an energy charge through the water and into your feet. The cells in your body are energized by the ions and will begin to release the toxins through your feet which includes cellular debris, yeast, heavy metals, and other wastes that have accumulated over your lifetime.

Customer Appreciation

La Ritz Spa & Salon would like to thank excellent customers like you for your support. We couldn't do it without you! We are celebrating you with a $50 Stress and Tension Massage for 50min.​

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