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 EmSculpt Vs. CoolSculpting

Our body sculpting  machine will create the most optimal plan for each individual patient. Some of our clients will benefit best from Cool Sculpting, others EMScuplt only, and many will get the best results from a combination of both. Slim Studio’s team of medical professionals all have advanced training in both CoolSculpting and EMScuplt . We are Conyers' experts in both services and invite you to see and experience our incredible offering of body sculpting treatments.

Your body is your temple, and you have the ultimate power to modify this personal marvel. Body sculpting is a never-ending adventure and one that should always bring you joy. Historically, you’ve had to do all the work to change your physique on your own, whether it’s at the gym, running, lifting, doing yoga, or more; it’s always been a solo task. Now there are new body contouring technologies that can take on some of the “heavy lifting” and assist with the building of your dream body. 

EMSculpt and CoolSculpting are taking over the body contouring market and changing bodies every day. Although these two treatments may seem similar, they are actually unique in their own way. EMSculpt and CoolSculpting both serve a purpose in the world of body contouring—these treatments can be an overwhelmingly powerful stand alone or used in combination.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical medical fat reduction technology that eliminates stubborn fat deposits which are resistant to diet and exercise. CoolSculpting lowers the anatomy’s temperature to -10 degrees Celsius to destroy fat cells. Some people will be ideal candidates for EMScuplt; some people will be better suited for CoolSculpting, but many people will find a huge benefit in receiving both EMScuplt and CoolSculpting to help build muscle and eliminate fat. During your consultation at Slim Studio, our trained experts will determine which treatment plan is right for you.

EMScuplt  is the first and only non-invasive medical procedure that helps both men and women build and define muscles to sculpt their bodies without needles, knives, or anesthesia. The technology uses electromagnetic energy to build muscle fibers and muscle volume.

The latest technology in non-invasive medical body sculpting has arrived! EMScuplt is a groundbreaking technology designed to build & define the abdominal muscles, the biceps, triceps & calves. 

Treating the gluteal muscles with EMScuplt can also firm, tone & lift the buttocks. EMScuplt is the first and only device that is FDA cleared for increasing muscle mass as well as increasing the number of muscle fibers and burning fat with RF – Radio Frequency. The muscle build occurs using HIFEM, which is High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy. HIFEM induces what are called supra-maximal contractions.If you do a sit-up or a squat, your muscles contract in what is called a “voluntary” contraction. When performing voluntary contractions, you are only using approximately 40% of your muscles capacity. 

When EMSculpt induces supramaximal contractions, it forces your muscles into using 100% of their capacity. 

This level of muscle contraction is not achievable with voluntary contractions (self-exercise). When muscles are put into supra-maximal contraction, they respond with a complete remodeling of the inner muscle structure. There are two things that then happen to the muscle: First, the muscle goes into hypertrophy; the growth of muscle myofibrils. Secondly, the muscle goes into muscle hyperplasia; the creation of new protein strands and muscle fibers. This process results in an increase in muscle density and an increase in muscle volume or mass.

EMScuplt NEO typically takes 30 minutes per session/per area. The recommended protocol for treatment is a series of 4 sessions done over a two-week time frame. The intense contractions can feel like your muscles are being pushed to their limit and you may experience some sensations like light burning or tickling. Some people find the muscle contractions of an EMScuplt treatment to be more intense and experience a bit more discomfort than others, but usually, after the initial treatment, your body adjusts to the unique sensations. There have been no adverse events reported to date; however, electronic or metal implants in the body would contraindicate treatment.

 CoolSculpting treatments

There is no downtime, prep, or anesthesia required for this treatment. If the facility has two machines (like La Ritz Spa), the treatment time for most areas is 35 minutes. For those of you who lead busy lives, you can “sculpt away” during your lunch break!

Sensations you may experience during treatment could include mild tugging, tingling, and pinching. These sensations vary from person to person, but intense pain is not common. In most cases, following the first few minutes of the treatment, the area becomes numb, and any discomfort subsides. Most patients are very satisfied with one or two CoolSculpting treatments. The amount of treatment needed depends on which area of the body is being CoolSculpted and the size of the fat layer that needs reduction. Even though CoolSculpting can reduce the fat layer by 20-25%, it is important to understand that the treatment is not indicated for overall weight loss. The fat reduction of Coolsculpting will be lasting if a healthy diet and consistent workout regimen are maintained.


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