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 Pico laser technology provides a quick and effective treatment that can target skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation or damaged skin. Picosecond technology is an advanced laser technology that can safely treat all skin types due to the ultra-rapid delivery of picosecond energy to the skin, significantly reducing the heat build-up, this allows for more comfortable and effective treatments. The Pico laser works by sending ultra-short pulses of energy without heat to targeted problem areas. The laser’s impact on the skin is intense, shattering the problem skin pigment or particles. The body then naturally eliminates. Pico laser is very precise, which allows your esthetician to achieve the optimal photomechanical effect.

1 Session $300

4 Sessions $1200

8 Sessions $2400

Client Testimony

Since been in GA, I have always been searching for someone/somewhere to get my facial done since I have pretty bad acne.

I came upon LA Ritz Spa & Salon upon trying to locate a nail shop and somehow the GPS sent me here.

I am sure glad it worked out like this because after Teisha's assessment of my face she knew exactly what my face needed.

She started out with treatments to prevent pimple breakouts and I went from having numerous pimples/breakouts to none at all.

Then time for laser treatment, am telling you after one treatment many of the spots had disappeared I was amazed!!.

Just had my second treatment and am anxious to see the results!!

Teisha is very knowledgeable about her job and shows a passion for what she is doing.

Anyone in need of great facial care go on down to LA Ritz Spa & Salon you won't regret it.

Pico Laser Facia​l

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